Why I’m excited for the new iPad Mini

Along with a new Air, Apple introduced a new iPad Mini yesterday. The most surprising thing for me though is I’m more excited for this new Mini than I was for the new iPad Pro introduced last year.

A notebook

As you know I use my iPad in work and play and take it with me for client visits. Having a smaller iPad with pencil support is enough to make this an instant buy for me. The 10.5″ isn’t exactly massive but being able to have a field note iPad is going to make taking notes on the go a lot easier. When you’re karting around a heavy Dell laptop on top of its power supply every ounce helps.

Replacing our 2013

We’ve had a second gen iPad Mini since 2013 and it’s become very slow. My daughter has started to use swift playgrounds and it’s almost unusable on it. I’m pretty pleased that it’s still going after 6 years but it’s definitely showing it’s age.


I’m a big Marvel Unlimited fan and have a more portable comic book reader is going to be ace.

So I have my justification for a new Mini, it also means I don’t have to pick up a new pencil given my 10.5″ one will work.

I can’t wait to get one to review.

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