WordAds earnings

If you’re reading my blog you’ll know that I briefly flirted with ads to help me pay for keeping the site running. As much as I love my passion projects I’m struggling a little to keep them going with paying for hosting etc.. anyway that’s not what I wanted to highlight.

I started to dig into how much revenue I could potentially earn with WordPress ads (WordAds). You get the ‘perk’ of being able to add these to your site if you hit a threshold (don’t ask me what this is, I don’t know) or join a premium membership like I have done.

I’m a small blog that gets a few thousand page views a month but I get good engagement (this means nothing to ad companies). Looking at larger ones it looks like to even earn around £60 a month you need around 75,000 page views a month and to even start to think about it as a living you’ll need around 6 million a month.

That’s a great reality check for me and reminds me why I enjoy doing it as a hobby as I can’t image the click bait I’d need to do to get anywhere near that.

If you’re a smaller content creator then making money from ads isn’t the way to go. You’re better looking at Patreon (ignore my current failing attempt please) and memberships.

For me, it’s a wake up call and a rethink.

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