Stepping back

You’ve maybe noticed I’ve been quiet on Twitter for a few days, well I’ve not engaged with it for almost a week now and I have to say that I’m feeling better for it. I feel like my mind is less busy with racing thoughts and I’m allowing myself to be bored instead of picking up my phone and checking my feed.

This might continue for a while. I’m unsure whether I’ll actually come back at this point.

I’m still posting to my blog, something I won’t be dropping anytime soon.

I’ve dropped the podcast for now, I’m sorry but I’m just not into sharing what I’m doing on iOS right now, I guess I’m becoming less enthusiastic about technology right now and seeing it more of a tool to get through my day rather than something I want to actively promote. Being honest here I also don’t have the time. I found myself in moments of free time engaging in other activities and the podcast was last on the list. I don’t see the point in doing it if my creativity isn’t there for it.

I’m in a couple of slack rooms, which has mostly replaced the need for Twitter. I’ve also got a slack room myself, I’ll share details on this if anyone wants to join in maybe.

I’ve also become less and less interested in YouTube and deleted the apps from my iOS devices. At this point I only watch my subscriptions on the TV.

Reddit has also gone from my iOS devices. It’s become a major time suck for me.

I’d recommend everyone take a break from at least your social media for a week, like me it might give you some interesting insights.