iOS 13 needs to embrace the keyboard

After going back to my MacBook for a bit it’s become painfully obvious to me that iOS is severely lacking in the keyboard control department.

I’d gotten used to using my keyboard again for navigation and coming back to iOS I’m struck with how little is supported. It’s also important for those of us encountering RSI issues with iOS and want to keep our hands on the keyboard rather than constantly reaching up.

I’m not talking third party apps, which on the whole make an effort but Apple apps.

My main wish list app is Photos, there is no keyboard support that I can see. I’d expect navigation through the photo library but nope nothing.

Reminders and Calendar the same.

Mail is serviceable but basic, same for Notes.

I’ve raised radars with Apple on all of these but not expecting any responses but it’s all I can do to flag it up with them. I’m sure they are perfectly aware of this but it’ll be down their list on the product roadmap favouring adding more services over software quality.

Now I’m starting to think more about iOS 13 this has moved right up my list above a home screen redesign. If Apple want switchers from macOS to take it seriously it needs to embrace the keyboard.

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