Taking on too much

Not far into 2019 and I feel I’ve overcommitted to passion projects already. Between home and work I’m struggling to put the required time and energy into much at the moment. Hoping it’s just a slump but I need to do a bit of soul searching on what to concentrate on.

My blog is the easiest to keep updated and the bit I’m most passionate about.

The podcast is on hold, still stuck in a loop with Anchor. This is probably a good thing as I’m struggling to find stuff to talk about right now.

I’ve also wanted to record an album of my own music to keep for prosperity rather than market or anything. Playing guitar again is something I need to bring back into my life, too much tech related stuff isn’t good for me personally right now. This’ll take priority over the podcast depending on what I want to do going forward.

Lots of thinking to do.

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