Please Apple, bring back 128GB to your flagship iPhone

Whilst I’m looking at Apple financials and thinking about what they could do to bring the price of an XS down (other than get an XR) it struck me that I’d absolutely love a 128GB version that could take maybe £100 off the price of a current 256GB. I’ve always been comfortable on a 128GB but have storage anxiety if I get 64GB.

Looking at my iPhone you can see I’m using hardly any of the 256GB I have. I have all the music I want downloaded and using iCloud Photo Library to manage my photo storage.

I don’t watch movies on my iPhone (I have my 10.5″ iPad for that) and although I do record video in 4K I don’t actually take that much.

What do you think, would you like a 128GB option on the XS?

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