Could Apple put your content on it’s video streaming service?

I had a thought last night that I wanted to put down somewhere, thinking aloud so to speak. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I could leave Google and the main sticking point is how I get rid of YouTube. I have a smallish set of creators that I follow and want to see their content but really hate that the suggestions always seem to slant towards the negative and click bait videos. It’s also where most movie companies drop their trailers first so end up being pushed onto their platform some way or other. Oh and don’t forget all the copyright laws being broken.

It got me thinking about the rumoured Apple streaming service and then it hit me.

What if Apple allowed user uploaded content? Think of it like Apple Podcasts in that you create your content and submit a feed. This gets vetted and then approved and hey presto you’re on Apple TV.

I understand that given the volume it wouldn’t be easy to figure out the logistics of it all and the technology behind it but as an idea I like the notion of Apple creating a YouTube competitor.

One main issue though is monetisation. My only thought here is Apple give a percentage of the monthly user fee to the creator.

What’s do you think, am I living in a fantasy world or would you like to see Apple go in this direction?

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