Ace Combat 7 review

I’ve not long finished the campaign mode in Ace Combat 7 and wanted to write up some thoughts on how I feel about the game now that’s I’ve finished it.

First off if you know my writing you’ll know this’ll be a shorter review than you might be used to.

In a nutshell Ace Combat 7 is an enjoyable experience if you’re familiar with the franchise or into planes and want to have some fun. There is a point system and you don’t have access to all of the planes straight away. Prepare to grind it out in multiplayer to get the points quickly.

I’d recommend playing through the first couple of missions then go straight into multiplayer. This is the quickest way to get points (called MRP in game). You can then get all the places you need to make the game a little more doable.

This is a very difficult game and at times I almost put it away. I persevered though and by getting MRP and picking up the F-22 raptor I managed to get through it.

No spoilers but the very last bit of game takes a bit of time and a lot of precision (and patience!).

In terms of looks it’s one of the best I’ve seen on PS4. Planes are detailed and the after mission replays are just stunning. Think Gran Turismo level replays but with planes!

A quick word on the multiplayer. It’s online dogfighting, which I enjoyed for the most part but gets a little repetitive after a while. The matching and room managing also has some way to go and you can find yourself waiting too long on one player whose spending ages customising their plane for the game.

Oh, lastly there’s a free flight mode if you want to just well fly around. There’s no replays here though.

So would I recommend picking it up, yes and no. This is definitely a game that once I finished the campaign I was so shattered from the experience I needed a break. For me I won’t be doing a replay through it. I’ve played multiplayer a lot and done with that too. If you’re into planes or if you’re a fan of Ace Combat I recommend, if you’re not then I would avoid.

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