Rethinking social networking and my yearly theme

Yes, I’m writing yet another taking a break from something type of post. Between my day job and trying to be more focussed with what I’m doing on my passion projects I’m trying to remove distractions. I’m also conscious that’s it not doing my mental health any favours and without the heavy use of filters and Tweetbot I’d most likely delete my account.

I use it to communicate with friends I’ve met on the social network and also have gained opportunities to appear on other creators projects, something I’m grateful for.

So I’m not giving it up completely but doing a few things to put up little barriers.

First off I’m deleting all Twitter apps from my iPhone and iPad.

If I want to check in on my notifications I’m going to use Safari on my iPad, so I’ll most probably check in every few days.

I’ll still be sharing but I’m aiming to use my blog to do it.

I will be on social but I’m cutting it back to a few slack channels and At the moment everything I do on has to be posted on my blog but I’m considering supporting them and going all in on it being my social network of choice. More on this once I’ve figured it all out.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m feeling social burnout and everything is a little out of balance at the moment.

My theme this year is Focus and Calm, this is a little step in the right direction for me.


I’ve installed Tweetbot again as I found that I missed the conversations that I enjoy as someone that works at home, it’s my water cooler conversation.

I’ve also tried and deleted Micro.Blog. A nice community and great idea but I didn’t have any interaction that was worth £5 a month. I’ll still post there but using my WordPress rather than paying for a


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