Your cellular iPad Pro might be bent

I really wanted to stay off the iPad bend-gate train but after this post from Apple I had to add my comment.

So first off wow, Apple have added their own support page for bending of the new iPad Pro. Something I don’t think I’ve seen since the days of the iPhone 4 losing signal if you held it wrong. This is on par with Tim Cook recently explaining that people getting cheaper battery replacements has meant that fewer people bought new iPhones this year. Good info but not necessary.

Secondly it shows us that only the iPad Pro with cellular are affected. Again good info but why call it out. They could have silently been replacing in store within 14 day return policy rather than call it out.

I’m all for transparency but it seems Apple are doing a less than ideal PR job right now.

BTW I appreciate this is a little negative but I really am trying to put more positivity out there this year just had to get it it off my chest.

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