Making it big on YouTube

Turns out a headline like this one would get me better traffic on YouTube than something I wanted to be more positive such as ‘How to set up Apple News’. A goal of mine has been to share more but based on my testing of YouTube their algorithm really does skew towards the negative and extreme. As someone that wants to put out positive helpful content in 2019 it seems that YouTube isn’t a place for me.

Here’s a little test, yes the viewing numbers are small but check out the view comparison. If you want to get any sort of traction (and don’t have a large community already) you’ll need to create negative or divisive content to get any sort of views. When I started a guitar channel back on 2008 it seemed that helpful content was all I needed to put out but that isn’t cutting it in this day and age of fake news.

It’s got me rethinking some 2019 goals of mine.

It might be a pessimistic view but please let me know what you think.

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