Setting reminders to check Gmail

As I mentioned yesterday I’m going to try to leave Google so after removing gmail from my iOS devices I’ve now set this reminder. I just used Apple Reminders, keep it simple right. Let’s see just how much I actually use Gmail. If after a couple of months I’m not missing anything then I’ll startContinue reading “Setting reminders to check Gmail”

Could Apple put your content on it’s video streaming service?

I had a thought last night that I wanted to put down somewhere, thinking aloud so to speak. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I could leave Google and the main sticking point is how I get rid of YouTube. I have a smallish set of creators that I follow and want to seeContinue reading “Could Apple put your content on it’s video streaming service?”

Relaxing Nintendo Switch game recommendations

I’ve noticed I’m playing more and more PlayStation games lately and after getting very frustrated playing Ace Combat 7 (it’s a great game but very hard) I’ve unplugged my PS4. I want to swap over to my Nintendo Switch and start to relax a bit more with my gaming. I’ve got a few games butContinue reading “Relaxing Nintendo Switch game recommendations”

Rethinking social networking and my yearly theme

Yes, I’m writing yet another taking a break from something type of post. Between my day job and trying to be more focussed with what I’m doing on my passion projects I’m trying to remove distractions. I’m also conscious that’s it not doing my mental health any favours and without the heavy use of filtersContinue reading “Rethinking social networking and my yearly theme”

What’s the fastest way to get MRP in Ace Combat 7

MRP is kind of an in game credit that you earn in various ways across Ace Combat. You can use these to upgrade your jets or buy new ones. I’ve found that I’ve gotten stuck in the single player so wanted to get myself an F-22 Raptor to help me. After redoing several of theContinue reading “What’s the fastest way to get MRP in Ace Combat 7”

A cheap iPad Pro case that’s good

I’ve spent ages testing the Amazon cheap iPad cases over the years and finally found one that I can recommend. This is the MoKo with integrated Smart Cover and shell back. I was looking for something to protect my iPad after going through a few over the last few months or so. I wanted somethingContinue reading “A cheap iPad Pro case that’s good”