Are iPhone sales really this bad?

What’s happening at Apple marketing?

In the last few weeks we’ve seen more and more desperate moves to get people to update to the latest models. The reason I’m writing this is I’m getting concerned that Apple is spending too much time on this, especially with this latest report from 9to5.

Spamming the in store screens, especially the one at the Genius Bar isn’t a good look. Those displays show how to best use your products not be sold to. The others in store I don’t care about but the Genius Bar – NO.

When you’re waiting for an appointment sat on the stools there isn’t a lot to do and I’ve seen numerous people watching those how to videos and getting something from them. Moving them to advertising totally goes against the message of trying to educate its users.

At the moment all of this desperation (including the App Store push notifications) seems to be limited to the US so far but I’d expect to see it hitting the UK in the near future.

Not a good look Apple.

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