My F1 drivers of 2018

I haven’t written about sports here before, so here goes…

If you follow me on Twitter I expect you’ll know that I’m a fan of F1, it’s been a love/hate given the TV coverage here in the UK but I still follow along and end up picking up a deal on SKY Sports F1 to watch online. This year I’ve followed 80% of the races live and the rest in highlights. It’s been a good one and although going into next season we lose one of my favourite drivers in Esteban Ocon I’m looking forward to next where most of the teams are seeing driver changes.

Here’s my favourite drivers from the 2018 season.

Lewis Hamilton
A worthy champion and totally outclassed Sebastian Vettel after the Italian GP. Time after time he delivered a pole lap (including that stunner in Singapore) and there’s not many better than him in wheel to wheel racing. I have a feeling next season is going to be a tough one with Red Bull getting a new engine (reliability not withstanding) and Charles Leclerc in a Ferrari but if the car holds up I can’t see anyone stopping him getting a 6th World Championship.

Kimi Raikkonen
Playing second fiddle to Vettel can’t be easy but Kimi really shone in the second half of the season, right after that pole at Monza. Then moving on from there once it was clear he was moving away from Ferrari he seemed to relax and it was amazing seeing him take the win in the US. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does in the improved Sauber next season.

Charles Leclerc
A great rookie year and an obvious talent, I can’t wait to see what happens at Ferrari next year – I think he might upset his team mate over the course of the season.

So, my first F1 post and there’s more to come including looking forward to next season and who to watch out for. If you came to me via my usual tech content I hope you’ve enjoyed (or at least appreciated) the change.

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