We still don’t know how well the iPhone XR is selling

In an interview with CNET Apple have responded to claims that the iPhone XR isn’t doing well by stating it’s the best selling iPhone at the moment and is outselling the other models since release.

This is fine but how well is it selling? Without numbers this is a pretty useless interview and seems to be a defensive move.

I’m not proclaiming doom and gloom here but just wanted to take a step back from a lot of pro Apple sites reporting that this is a good thing, for me it doesn’t really prove anything.

Personally I love the look of the XR but feel it’s still on the expensive side. Recent reports of Apple reducing the price for carriers in Japan and the increased amount they are giving on their give back program has me wondering about how well it’s actually selling.

I’m really curious how these recent price increases are doing to their sales.

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