Hands on with the new iPad Pro

I finally managed to spend some time with the new iPad Pro, both the 11″ and 12.9″. I also managed to try the new keyboard and pencil.

Remember these impressions are from someone with a 10.5″.

First thing I noticed was how light they were, especially the 12.9″. In my hand it still felt like a tea tray, large screen – a little too big for me. Weight was great but screen too big to be my only iPad. I was more attracted to the 11″. The screen was very impressive but not a huge leap from a 10.5″. I didn’t test FaceId. It did feel weird using a iPad without a home button but as an iPhone X user I’d imagine I’d get used to it quickly. If I were to get one someday I’d get the 12.9″ and keep my 10.5″, a desk iPad and mobile iPad.

The keyboard felt as per the one I use everyday on my 10.5″. The angles weren’t any better I’d say in my quick testing.

The most impressive thing about my hands on with the new gear was the Pencil, wow it really is a step up in quality. It’s matte finish makes a big difference but the most impressive thing was the decrease in weight. It felt a lot more comfortable than the version I’m using. Here lies one of my frustrations with the new hardware, it’s not backwards compatible. I’d happily pay for a new one but I won’t buy a new iPad for it. Snapping it onto the top to sync and charge is also a game changer.

Overall the new hardware I found to be great in my 15 minutes or so but it wasn’t compelling enough for me to take a loss on the 10.5″ and spend a load of money on a new one.

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