Apple Smart Keyboard durability

As you most probably know I use the Apple Smart Keyboard cover, in fact I prefer typing on it than my 12″ MacBook. I’ve owned my current version since June 2017, so at almost 18 months use I thought I’d report back on the durability.

For me the keyboard cover is attached to my iPad about 80% of the time, I carry it between meetings in work and it goes into my bag to form as protection to the screen. I’ve also dropped it a couple of times and it’s protected my iPad both times.

Overall for the 18 months of hard use I’ve given it I’d say it’s held up well. For the money I feel it’s a little on the expensive side but worth it if you keep hold of your iPad for more than a year. If you change your iPad each year don’t invest in one because it’ll be another couple of hundred that you can put towards Apple Care + or the iPad itself, these things aren’t getting any cheaper.

Where I’d like to see it improved

I’m yet to try the new iPad Pro and it’s new Smart Keyboard, I’m staying as far away from an Apple store as possible – especially if I have access to a payment method but from my experience of the current 10.5″ here is where I’d like to see improvement

  • Improved stability if using on my lap, the 10.5″ is a little narrow and doesn’t feel stable when I’m using it on the sofa
  • Improved screen angles, not a couple but like the Microsoft Surface and more like a MacBook. I’d like to be able to adjust to wherever I’d like (if you know a good third party that does this please let me know)
  • More durable material, as you can see in the images of mine the edge of the keyboard has frayed so I’d like to see some harder wearing material
  • Bit more affordable, I know I know this isn’t going to happen 😊

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