Why I returned my iPhone XS Max

I’ve talked a little off on the side about this but wanted to put it down in a separate post. I traded in my X and went all in with the XS Max (camera made it worth it for me). I’d struggled with the Plus models but wanted to give it a go based on how it felt in my hand at the store.

I kept it for a week but ultimately returned it for the XS, here’s why.

  • I always felt like I was going to drop it. It’s a two handed device, I like using one hand when I’m out and about.
  • I didn’t want to increase the size with a case, which made it even more likely to break.
  • I felt it was too heavy and heavy in general. Getting back to an XS just felt right (for me).
  • I didn’t see any advantage of having the larger screen. Yes a bit easier to see but I didn’t see any benefit in app layouts.

This time my RSI was fine but I just feel more comfortable with the 5.8″ version that I can carry around and use with one hand more easily.

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