Thinking about an iPad Mini update

I use an app called Dreamdays to keep track of certain things, one being how long I’ve owned certain gadgets. Might sound weird but something I’ve come to like to track. It hit me how long we’ve had our iPad Mini. In a couple of weeks it’ll be our longest used iOS device, 5 years. It’s the perfect device for reading but also for the younger members of a family. It’s taken a beating, the battery is still good, it runs iOS 12 (better than iOS 11) and it’s got a headphone jack.

I’m probably cursing it but talking about how much I love the iPad Mini but had me thinking about what I’d want in a new one.

For me it’ll go one of two ways. It’ll either stick with TouchID and become a new affordable iPad or embrace the new less bezel design of the pro. I don’t see the later having any chance of happening.

We also have the argument that the XS Max is almost a Mini, which is a weak one. The Mini to me is for those that like portability or for kids. The Max may replace the Mini for more affluent users but for the majority it doesn’t even register.

When you compare iPads though it really stands out like the recently updated MacBook Air. Just look at the processor. It still runs an A8 and is £20 more expensive than the iPad running an A10. It’s both embarrassing and confusing.

My wish for the Mini is to leave the form factor alone but update the processor to the A10 and update the camera. Then offer it for £299 or £325. If ours broke I’d have no option but to buy a used older one. The iPad Mini 4 is no way worth £399.

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