Apple accessories have priced me out of an iPad Pro

I know I tend to complain about Apple accessory pricing after every keynote but this time it’s actually stopped me buying the new devices. When you add up the cost of the new pencil + keyboard vs what I can get for my existing ones used it doesn’t make sense. When you take the cost of this plus Apple Care I’d be looking at almost £1500 to get a new iPad. It’s made me stop and think more about my purchase this time.

Just look at the non Smart Keyboard cover, how can Apple justify £99 for some cloth and magnets?

Then take a look at the £30 increase for the new pencil, why? Some new tech yes but how does that add £30.

Then the keyboard also gets an increase in cost, £200 isn’t far off what a Nintendo Switch is to buy.

I’m sorry Apple but enough is enough for me, I just can’t afford to pay your accessory prices anymore.

You might think I’m bitter, I’m not. I’m just sharing some of my thoughts on the pricing of accessories. It’s happened with the leather case more recently for iPhone where £6 was added overnight.

Don’t get me wrong I love the look of the new iPad Pro but cost vs increase of functionality over my existing 10.5″ Pro can’t be justified (for me).

I do genuinely like Tim Cook as a leader of Apple but he does love his profit margins…

Guess I’ll skip this update and keep using my already great 10.5″.

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