LG OLED banding issues

If you buy an OLED TV from LG it looks to be that a percentage of the shipped units will show banding pretty quickly. I’ve owned a 55″ B7 since last November and am now in a position where I have a TV with an issue.

You can see from both images my TV is showing an issue on the right hand side. A vertical banding that shows on anything with a darker picture. This happens across all inputs.

I called Richersounds who directs you to LG if your TV is within manufacturers warranty. My issue is now with LG, they are not acknowledging a problem.

Their message is I’m watching TV in the wrong conditions. To add injury their staff talked down to me on the phone, almost rude to the point I had to hang up.

To me this is an issue. I shouldn’t have to watch in ideal natural lighting, if I do then market your TV to state that fact. If I’m watching at home in low lighting I shouldn’t expect to see issues.

I’ll be taking this up with Richersounds now to help me with LG.

I’ll update this post as I move through the process.


It would appear to have now been acknowledged and I’m expecting an in house repair.


New panel being ordered.


New panel fitted.

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