Swapping social media for a blog?

Having played with Micro.blog a little and disconnecting slowly from social media I asked myself, could I swap social media with my blog?

It’s what I’ve always done in the past before social to share my thoughts and since most networks are toxic these days it might be time to retreat back. I’d still share links via Twitter but that’s all it’s used for, a conduit for linking to content.

I’ve not used Facebook since January 2018 and deleted my Instagram account several times, currently considering removing it completely. I don’t think I could delete my Twitter account as it’s where the majority of my readers are but if I share links still then I should have my bases covered.

So I’m going to try an experiment of using WordPress + Micro.blog to serve my social needs. You’ll still see links posted on Twitter but I’m not planning on spending much time on there at all. I’ll also look at enabling comments on my blog.

Here goes another one of my little experiments.