Remembering the iPhone 5c

I feel like I’m in the minority but I loved my white iPhone 5c. To this day it’s still my favourite iPhone (looks wise) that Apple have released. With its plastic back there was no need to worry about breaking it and I carried it case less for the entire time I owned one.

I started to think about this when I realised we are close to the new XR being able to preorder. I’m on my XS and part of me wants to return it to get a refund to try one out. I picked up the white and silver XS so I at least have some colour now but I’m looking over at the Yellow XR with a little envy.

When the 5c came out putting the last year innards was a mistake, although performance wise I didn’t have any issues but in making a more affordable iPhone Apple compromised it out of the box. For some it gave the impression that it was just last years phone in a new shell, which it totally was but set it off in the wrong light. For me the 5c brought an element of fun to the iPhone line up, which it needed. Everyone’s phones look the same suddenly seeing a blue or yellow 5c really stood out and even now when I see them I reminisce to when I had mine. Let’s not also forget how durable and comfortable it was. More friendly than the sharp corners of the 5 it brought back that soft feel of the 3G I loved so much. I also dropped it multiple times and didn’t break it, yes scratches but that looks cool.

I’m really hoping the XR is a success and Apple embrace colour back in its line up, imagine a colourful iPad!