The new iPhone (XS??)

Another leak from 9to5 shows us the next two iPhone models, the XS… I’m not thrilled with this naming.

To us, the tech fans it’ll be 10S. To everyone else it’ll be XS or excess. Yes, with the pricing most probably over £1200 I can see the jokes rolling in now. Why haven’t Apple made it X+? I still think Pro would be a better name, like the MacBook or iPad.

Anyway, name aside it does look like we are getting a larger X this year.

It’s going to be a stunning screen at that size based on how great the X already is so looking forward to trying one out. I’ve never been a fan of the Plus model so it’ll be interesting to see if I take to it. I’m currently not planning on an upgrade this year but let’s see what happens…

Last observation on this is that it’s gold, so looks like Apple have sorted a gold finish on stainless steel.

What do you think?