Apple Podcastsconnect is down (for some)

As someone trying to launch a podcast I’m struggling a bit with sending my feed to Apple Podcasts at the moment and it appears I’m not alone. A quick Google search shows that other users experience this intermittent problem with little support from Apple. There is a bit of a infinite loop going on that some users are experiencing.

When I head over to the applepodcastsconnect page, log in and accept terms I get the above page. Tapping on ‘contact us’ takes me to iTunes connect, which then loops back to the same podcastsconnect log in, which as you might guess gives me this error again.

It feels more like an Amazon or Google support experience than Apple. I’ve contacted the support team linked to my developer account in a hope someone can help me out.

I can’t give you my podcast subscription link until I sort this out.

If by a miracle someone from Apple spots this please reach out to me.