How to connect a Blue Yeti to an iPad

I’m starting on a new creative project around using iOS full time and putting the MacBook to bed for a bit. My first challenge is recording a podcast with my beloved Blue Yeti.

After putting a shout out on Twitter (Thanks Andy and Daryl) it looked like the iPad Camera Connection kit was the way to go.

Here’s the one that I picked up on Amazon.

I simply plugged it into the lightning port, connected the microphone via USB and it worked. I did also use the power pass through connection but this isn’t necessary to get it working I just wanted to keep my iPad charged.

Everything works as normal, I can use the mute button and listen via the Mic on headphones.

My recording apps such as GarageBand and Ferrite both worked and picked up the yeti automatically.

I’ll share more on my workflow once I figure it all out.

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