How to import images from a DSLR to an iPad

As you know if you read my stuff regularly I’m going all in on iOS, first up is getting images from a Canon 70D to my iPad and into iCloud Photo Library.

It worked out very easy in the end, I picked up a cheapish card reader on Amazon and simply plugged the memory card in. Note that in the picture the card is upside down, yes this one came out a bit wonky but it works.

Once I plugged in the memory card it brought up the images in Photos and I tapped the ones that I wanted to import into my library. Once in my library they uploaded to iCloud and hey presto.

I’m yet to test really huge RAW files but in my testing so far the speed of import is better than the last time I tried, this is most probably due to using iOS 12 but I’ve not validated this.

Here’s the reader I picked up



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