iPhone X screen durability

I’ve owned this particular iPhone X since February (I’m on my third, it’s a long story) and I’m amazed at how easily the screen scratches. Now first off, this doesn’t bother me – nothing stays perfect and you’ll be set up for disappointment if you expect it. Over the years I’ve come to be relaxed about and embrace some wear and tear on my stuff. I treat my gear well but if I ding one of my guitars or put a scratch on my iPhone I let it go immediately, no emotional reaction to it.

Anyway I digress.

Whilst using my screen a week or so ago I felt a deep scratch that I can feel with a fingernail. On inspection I have quite a few hairline scratches all over the screen. Since I started with my iPhone 3G I’ve really never used cases or screen protectors and I can honestly never remember an iPhone that picks up screen damage as easily as the iPhone X.

I’ll be watching the September keynote with great interest to see what the deal is with the new screens.

These new screen don’t appear to be using the same glass as the 7, which wore really well in my experience.

Do you have an iPhone X and is it scratched?