How “time well spent” is manageable with iOS 12

iOS 12 has some great new features that allow you to be more mindful about how you use your device, playing into the “Time well spent” movement. It helps in two ways

  1. Being able to set a time where only your defined apps are useable
  2. Setting up app limits e.g. 30 mins a day on social media

As I wrote about in a post yesterday I am very aware of how my iPhone causes me distractions and I’d like to test our iOS 12 to see if it can help on top of what I am already doing I.e. greyscale at times and a new designed home screen that stops my muscle memory of automatically going for that Tweetbot icon.

The more I read up on this new “Time well spent” movement the more I understood that it isn’t so much about stopping using Twitter all together but setting yourself some barriers to using it. It’s not about demonising technology but being more mindful of how you are using it (bearing in mind the creators don’t care about you and want you to use it more).

So, I’ll throw on the beta and set myself some limits.