Editing DSLR shots on my iPhone

One of the reasons I updated to the iPhone X was to not only have a great camera but a great canvas on which to edit my images. The screen is one of the best I own so why not use it to edit my photos taken on the Canon.

On a recent family trip out I decided to only use my iPhone to edit. I shot with my 70D mostly that day and when I got home imported the images into the iMac, which then gets them into iCloud Photo Library.

I then sit back and run through them in Photos on my iPhone. First I go through them to favourite any that I want to edit later or have potential.

Now I’ll pick one and edit. I’m only using the tools within Photos. I’ll first use the crop tool to straighten it on the horizon or bring it down to the focus I want.

I’ll then hit the magic paintbrush icon to let Apple decide how it looks best. 80% of the time I’ll be happy with this edit. If I’m not then I’ll go and tweak brightness etc on my own.

The beauty of this workflow is that all of my edits and images are in one place and accessible to all of my devices.