Spoiler free Solo review

Solo has just come out in the U.K. and I’ve managed to see it twice. For films I’m into I try to see them as soon as possible so to avoid spoilers. I won’t spoil Solo for you here so don’t worry about reading on.

My overall impression of Solo is a positive one. It has a few plot points that are obvious or head scratching but like I said overall I enjoyed it.

Here are my takeaways

  • Han and Chewie’s relationship is well done and in keeping with the original trilogy
  • I forgot that Chewie is no longer being played by Peter Mayhew
  • Han is portrayed very well, not an impression of Harrison Ford but in keeping with my understanding of the character
  • There’s a lot of good stuff for you Falcon fans
  • It’s a fun adventure

Don’t take it too seriously sit back and take it in.

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