Will Captain Phasma be back?

One of the highlights for me in the new trilogy is a character that has had hardly any screen time – Captain Phasma. She is such a cool character looks and story wise and I was disappointed that we didn’t see more of her in The Last Jedi.


So as you can tell from the headline it looks like we saw the last of her in The Last Jedi, the last time we saw her it was engulfed in flames. This wasn’t the ending I wanted for one of the coolest characters since Boba Fett. So, could she have survived and be used in Episode IX?

My head tells me no, it’s the last we will see of her in this new trilogy.

My gut tells me yes, she survived and will be back.

To me the story arc that was used for her in The Last Jedi wasn’t compelling, yes there is a cool fight scene with Finn but I was hoping for an alternative story line.

I was hoping that she would have left the first order and become more of a bounty hunter.

I’m also considering the possibility of an origin story instead of an appearance in episode IX. I have a feeling that would go down well but not sure if it would be in movie or TV format.

What do you think?

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