Write about what gets you excited

I’ve been blogging and freelance writing since 2008 and over the years I’ve gone through phases of trying to “make it” as a journalist and realising there’s no future in it as a career and take it as a hobby.

I’ve moved platforms several times and tried to branch out to a newsletter.

I’ve come to the realisation that unless you enjoy what you want to share you won’t write. Even as a hobbyist I’ve put pressure on myself to put my writing out there and try my best to compete with large publishers.

Well, I’ve stopped.

I started this new blog to take a more relaxed approach to my writing, sharing what I’m passionate about and not focusing on trying to build a viable business.

There is a lot competition and the majority of people won’t pay or support independent publishers.


  • Write about what gets you going, what enthuses you
  • Remember it’s a hobby first, do it for the enjoyment of writing and not the money (it won’t come unless you are very lucky)
  • Share

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