Do I still trust Apple?

There’s been a lot said in the press and on social media after Apple admitted they slow down hardware with less than optimal batteries.

It’s now resulted in them publicly apologising and reducing the cost of their battery replacement service.

I’m left thinking do I still trust them?

Well, in a nutshell yes.

They stated a while ago that they would be making changes in iOS to address random shutdowns and it would be mad for them to purposely slow down older hardware. A portion of the users slowed down would surely switch to Android.

They failed big time in their communications this time around and hope they learn a hard lesson. The perception that they slow down older hardware to make you buy new is going to haunt them for at least 5 years.

This on top of other software problems isn’t good reading for Apple in 2017. I’m hoping they put a lot of effort into their software in 2018.

I still trust Apple above any other technology company with my data and trust they are making the software decisions based on current hardware limitations.

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