Starting something new…

I’ve decided to leave my old blog at Squarespace and start something new over here on WordPress.  There are several reasons for this

  • WordPress is more iOS friendly and shows commitment to keeping their apps updated (especially as I go more iOS native)
  • Blogging is better, yes there are more templates and options for a mainly text blogger like me
  • It’s good to make a fresh start sometimes

I’ve gotten to a point where I cannot support myself on my writing alone so finding a more affordable, more expansive platform was a must for me

In conjunction with stopping over at LJPUK.COM I am planning on a few more creative projects that I’ll share on here when the time is right. In short this new blog is going to be more than just tech, I’ll talk more on my workflows etc.. but also sharing my thoughts on movies and my photography.

Thanks to those that have followed me on my journey and continue to follow me on this new project.


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