Why I left Squarespace

I’ve been blogging since 2008 across several different platforms and here in 2017 I’m back where I started – WordPress. For about 5 years I’ve been a satisfied Squarespace user but over the last few months they have not catered for my needs so decided to leave. Here’s why I left Squarespace Lack of attentionContinue reading “Why I left Squarespace”

Biggest letdowns of 2017

I’ve shared my favourite things so here are my biggest letdowns. Star Wars Battlefront II : I don’t think I need to highlight the loot crate situation that highlighted EA’s greed to everyone. Yes, this was a big reason but also the first person mode in game felt broken. Confusing customisation and weird UX justContinue reading “Biggest letdowns of 2017”


I’ve owned the PSVR since launch and now we are over 9 months on I wanted to share my thoughts on whether it was a good purchase and if it’s worth investing in yourself. Spoiler: it’s not worth the investment. When it launched and for quite a few weeks afterwards I was loving playing jobContinue reading “IS PSVR (PLAYSTATION VR) WORTH BUYING?”